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"What Were You Thinking???"

Girls Who Print? What a Hoot!!

Some of you have heard this before, so if you want to skip on down - no prob! Go right ahead!

When I formed Girls Who Print on LinkedIn in 2009, I thought that maybe 20 people I knew personally around the country might join up, and we'd chat and gossip about people who WEREN'T in the group or reminisce about printing companies we'd worked for, and just kind of stay connected across the miles and across the years. There was no serious purpose or grand plan.

By the end of the first week, I was dumbfounded to learn that nearly 100 people had joined, most of whom I did NOT know. Clearly I was going to have to take it a little more seriously - people were WATCHING - yikes!!  Then...GUYS wanted in, which was perfectly fine with me, as long as they behaved and could laugh along with us when we teased them. Seems reasonable, don't you think?

Which brings us to the point of this post. Our name! While most people who join  us seem to "get"…

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