Friday, May 27, 2016

FIVE!! #5!! Numero Cinco!!

About the 2016 

National "Girls Who Print" Day!

We'll be hosting from Orlando, Florida this year!! 

The date is Tuesday, September 27, 2016.

We will begin taking YOUR nominations for the 2016 GIRLIE Award June 15!

We will be livestreaming all events from the Printerverse throughout the day so you can participate from anywhere in the world!

This is our FIFTH National GWP Day, and we have some great surprises planned.
Stay tuned!

Peace. Love. GWPForever!

Wednesday, September 2, 2015

I Hear This Every Year. Really, I Do.

"How did I not know this was a thing?"

                                                                           "Is this new?"

"If I'd known, 
my company would have done something."

I've never heard of Girls Who Print."

I promise you: I will hear this all week at Graph Expo! (Maybe not from Bill Gates, but you know...)

You and I know all about GWP & National Girls Who Print Day, and it's easy to assume everyone else does, too. After all, we have thousands of members on LI. Plus...I send out countless emails, announcements, Tweets, Facebook posts, even Instagram pics. You think you're doing a pretty decent job letting people know about something they would enjoy.

But...I promise you: I will hear from people all week at Graph Expo who will be disappointed that I didn't let them know.

If you want to help spread the word, more people can be spared the horror of having missed National GWP Day.

                                                       Please...just share this article.


Retweet my tweets.

Repost my Facebook reminders. 
For Print's sake, EMAIL someone!! 

Don't let another person hit the skids 
all because they missed out on National Girls Who Print Day.

Please. Think of the people.


Sunday, August 9, 2015

The 2015 GIRLIE Award - Who Will Win?

We love Girls Who Print. We love bright shiny objects. We love awards. We love shameless promotion. So why would anyone be surprised that we created our own VERY special annual award?

The 2015 GIRLIE award will go to a member of the community who exemplifies commitment to communications, strong leadership, a history of mentoring, an eye to the future, and a keen interest in supporting women within the industry.

Our first winner, the always charming and ever sparkly Pat McGrew, was caught completely off guard when we named her as the recipient of the first annual GIRLIE on National Girls Who Print Day in 2014.

It took Pat some time to relinquish the tiara, but it is now finally, although only semi-permanently, at home on the statuette's smooth gold head. The award occupies a place of honor in Pat's Denver home.

The identity of the 2015 GIRLIE winner is a closely guarded secret, of course, but all will be revealed during our annual luncheon in the Printerverse at Graph Expo on Tuesday, September 15.

You do NOT want to miss this, and it will be webcast live for GWP Nation to watch from the far flung corners of the print world.

Now...if you would like to enjoy a brief moment of frivolity, which is conveniently on a LOOP, so you can giggle even longer, check out this little video clip from last year's coronation!

Peace. Love. GWP Forever!

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Let Me Tell You...

People have so many questions about National Girls Who Print Day that it takes a whole lotta writing to answer all of them. Instead of dumping everything into one post, I'm just going to tackle one thing at a time this year.

First up:

WHERE is National "Girls Who Print" Day held?

Great question, with an equally great answer:  Everywhere!!!! While we HOST it live in the Printerverse on the show floor at Graph Expo, people join in from around the country and around the world.

Some companies host onsite luncheons or Happy Hours to celebrate, with banners, food, and GWP "doo-dads". They post photos on our FB page, or email them to me and I post them out to GWPNation myself. 

Other people print out the free GWP Day poster each year and hang it in the office, decorate it, or even make giant banners.  


Sometimes people make GWP Day videos and tweet them or post them on our FB page. Some are sweet, some are funny, some are downright hysterical. We love 'em all, but mostly we love seeing GWP Nation have fun celebrating!  Here's a link to a cute video from AlphaGraphics in Northern Colorado a couple of years ago!


Students join us both in person and online through our live webcasts from the Printerverse at Graph Expo. Some classes use the banner to create projects in class.

This year's free poster will be available for download in a couple of days, so be ready to print it out and have some fun with it!!  Also...if you're into GWP shirts and stuff, go to the tab at the top of the page and connect with the online shop to purchase.

There are tons of photos from past years, submitted by individuals and companies all over the country, and you can view them on the GWP FB page:

Next Topic will be about the fabulous GIRLIE Award!!

Peace. Love. GWPForever!

:) mb

Monday, July 20, 2015

WHOA -- It's Sneaking Up Fast!!

Yes, it's the Fourth Annual National GWP DAY, and it will be here September 15! Be watching your email, Facebook, LinkedIn, and the blog for announcements about events and activities.

And the GIRLIE...

      AND...a NEW award...

AND...the Printerverse...

AND...the unveiling of the 2015 National GWP Day BANNER!!

See you in September, GWP Nation!!

Girl #1

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

GWP Day Details and a CONTEST!!!


We're in the final stretch to National GIRLS WHO PRINT Day. I fly in to Chicago Saturday morning, and will be hanging out in the Printerverse, Booth 4267, beginning Sunday to meet and greet all of you.

I want to put some things in one location for you, so that no matter where you are in the country, you're able to connect to the event, and with each other!  At the bottom of this email, you'll also find some COOL CONTEST INFO! (Prizes involved!)

Here are your links, so keep this email handy!
Click here to watch LIVE!

How to watch live online:
We'll be broadcasting all the activities live online. You can watch panel discussions live, submit questions in real time, or come back later and watch the recordings.
Click for GWP Day Scheule

Schedule for National GIRLS WHO PRINT Day: 

 The day begins with our girl Trish Witkowski of  "60-Second Fold of the Week" video fame at 11:00 a.m.  Click on the Printnado image to see the rest of the schedule and set alerts to be able to watch online if you're not going to be there.
Visit the GWP  Official Online Shop

GIRLS WHO PRINT Online Shop:  

Yes, there really is one! You've all asked for shirts & stuff for years, so I've finally put up a shop on CafePress where you can get odds'n'ends of things with the GWP logo. Please don't feel like you have to buy anything. If you buy a mug, I might end up with a dollar or less, so it's not a big deal to me financially. (Unless you're buying, like, a thousand of 'em at once - LOL) Use promo codes or any discount you can find online and pay as little as possible. You can usually get a code for 20% off when you visit the site.  We'll be giving some of this stuff as PRIZES in our Facebook contest, so be sure and enter!

The First Annual GIRLIE Award: 

 We are very excited about this annual award, and you need to be watching online during our GWP Luncheon to see who wins! And yes...there will be a tiara!
Sign Up - We're a Friendly Bunch!


We need all the extra sets of hands and friendly faces we can get. While we really need extra people on Tuesday, we also need help scanning on Sunday, Monday and Wednesday, so if you have a little time, please come help us! No bathing suit required - regular clothes are fine!! 

Click on the photo to register to volunteer - it really is a lot of fun! You'll make new friends and meet a ton of interesting people - come help us out!!

And...Announcing the GWP DAY Poster Contest!

Click Here and Enter the FB Poster Contest!

PRIZES?? Of course there are PRIZES!!

GWP Tee Shirts!
 Click here to see more!


Long Sleeve or Short Sleeve
Tanks, Sweats, Hoodies,
even Maternity and Plus Size!

A selection of colors and styles. 
There will be two winners.

Just upload your picture on the FB page with the GWP poster, and your name will be entered in a drawing.

GWP Mugs and Drinkware - Click here to see more!

Mugs. Water Bottles.
Thermos Bottles.
Glasses. A variety of sizes and colors.
There will be FOUR winners.

Just "like" or share any of the poster photos, and your name will be entered into a drawing for the prizes!

Contest is live NOW!

The deadline has been 
extended to 
THURSDAY, SEPT 25 - 5:00 PM Central Time. 

Go to the FB page NOW and post your photos! 

Not a Facebook kinda person? 
Just email your photos to me at
and I'll post it and enter you in the contest, OK?!  :)

AND...don't forget to download your poster 
by clicking on its picture below! 

Click anywhere in the image to download 
your free 2014 National GWP Day poster! 
It's available in 2 sizes: 11 x 17 and 13 x 19.
It's also production ready with bleeds and crops, 
so print that baby out!!

If you want to do something fancy, like the giant banner the GSP crew made last year, let me know, and I'll send you a native file.

Thursday, September 11, 2014

6 Ways Students Can Join National GIRLS WHO PRINT Day

I love this WWII-era photo of the women students copying posters. Times have certainly changed. Today, the images would be designed, or at least scanned, and then distributed electronically for digital output.

Did you know that graphic arts educators around the country tell me that 60-80% of their students are now women? The reason most of the women in the photo to the left were doing the work was simply because the men were all away at war.

We love the enthusiasm and energy that our graphic arts students and educators bring to National GWP Day every year. In the past, we've had large groups attend. While there have been budget cuts in many schools that will keep educators from bringing their students this year, there are still some great ways for the students to be part of what we're doing:

1. Coming to Chicago? Great!! Find us in the Printerverse, Booth 4267! Come listen to our educational sessions for FREE, and prepare some questions for our "Meet the Mentors" panel on Tuesday, right after lunch.

2. Can't make it to Chicago? No problem! You can watch everything via live streaming internet broadcast.  
Click here to watch and participate LIVE!

Last year, some of the instructors actually broadcast the mentoring panel live in class and had great discussions. THIS year, we'd like you to do the same thing, but prepare questions and submit them live while you're watching!! Click on the image below to watch the recording of the 2013 panel discussion, and it will give you an idea of what we do! YOU can be part of this no matter where you are!

3. Download your free GWP Day 2014 poster and hang it EVERYwhere!

4. Plan a GWP Day party with your classmates!

5. Take pictures or video of your party and broadcast them via Twitter and Facebook! #GWPDay14

6.  Take a field trip to a local print shop. (Stop for ice cream when you're done!!)

No matter where you are, you are part of the celebration. Come up with some great ideas and send them to me! I've had videos, posters, banners and letters from GWP celebrants around the country, so join the crowd, and don't let your location keep you from celebrating with the women in our industry!

Peace. Love. GWPForever!

:) mb