How Will YOU Celebrate National GWP Day?

It's definitely time to begin making your plans, since the big day is only a few weeks away!

The first thing you should do is download your FREE  production-ready file of this year's poster! Just click on its image to the right, and you'll be able to pick your size, print it out and start getting creative!

We all know that not everyone can make it to Chicago where we will host live from the Printerverse on the show floor at GRAPH EXPO. Every year, companies and individuals around the country AND outside the USA send us pictures of their celebrations and gatherings.

There are so many that I won't cram them all into this space, but this is one of my favorites from 2013. The nice people at GSP went all out and even made a big banner to honor their GWP employees! Very cool - very cool, indeed!

 Can't wait to hear how YOUR company will celebrate - send pics!!

Peace. Love. GWPForever!

:) mb


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