The 2015 GIRLIE Award - Who Will Win?

We love Girls Who Print. We love bright shiny objects. We love awards. We love shameless promotion. So why would anyone be surprised that we created our own VERY special annual award?

The 2015 GIRLIE award will go to a member of the community who exemplifies commitment to communications, strong leadership, a history of mentoring, an eye to the future, and a keen interest in supporting women within the industry.

Our first winner, the always charming and ever sparkly Pat McGrew, was caught completely off guard when we named her as the recipient of the first annual GIRLIE on National Girls Who Print Day in 2014.

It took Pat some time to relinquish the tiara, but it is now finally, although only semi-permanently, at home on the statuette's smooth gold head. The award occupies a place of honor in Pat's Denver home.

The identity of the 2015 GIRLIE winner is a closely guarded secret, of course, but all will be revealed during our annual luncheon in the Printerverse at Graph Expo on Tuesday, September 15.

You do NOT want to miss this, and it will be webcast live for GWP Nation to watch from the far flung corners of the print world.

Now...if you would like to enjoy a brief moment of frivolity, which is conveniently on a LOOP, so you can giggle even longer, check out this little video clip from last year's coronation!

Peace. Love. GWP Forever!


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