I Hear This Every Year. Really, I Do.

"How did I not know this was a thing?"

                                                                           "Is this new?"

"If I'd known, 
my company would have done something."

I've never heard of Girls Who Print."

I promise you: I will hear this all week at Graph Expo! (Maybe not from Bill Gates, but you know...)

You and I know all about GWP & National Girls Who Print Day, and it's easy to assume everyone else does, too. After all, we have thousands of members on LI. Plus...I send out countless emails, announcements, Tweets, Facebook posts, even Instagram pics. You think you're doing a pretty decent job letting people know about something they would enjoy.

But...I promise you: I will hear from people all week at Graph Expo who will be disappointed that I didn't let them know.

If you want to help spread the word, more people can be spared the horror of having missed National GWP Day.

                                                       Please...just share this article.


Retweet my tweets.

Repost my Facebook reminders. 
For Print's sake, EMAIL someone!! 

Don't let another person hit the skids 
all because they missed out on National Girls Who Print Day.

Please. Think of the people.



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