GWP Day 2016 - What You Need to Know!

Oh my!! 

So many things going on for GWP Day. Here are a few things you need to know:

1. We're hosting LIVE from the Printerverse at GraphExpo in Orlando, and you can watch online via  

2. There is a full schedule of events for the week here:

3. You can submit questions live to the panels during the broadcasts, can watch the recordings later as well.

4. The GIRLIE award winner will be announced live on Tuesday during our lunch broadcast!

5. If you are attending Graph, we will be in the PRINTERVERSE, BOOTH 701. Be there!!!

6. If you are ordering buttons, shirts, or other GWP stuff for your party, I strongly encourage you to ORDER BEFORE MONDAY to make sure they arrive in time! You can shop at (There is also a new Limited Edition graphic to commemorate our first Orlando show!)

7. You can download FREE production ready artwork for this year's poster at (If you have problems with the Dropbox, emai me at and I'll send you the ZIP files instead.

8. The best place to stay up to date with us (and see photos!) is social media. Find us here: 
Twitter. @mbsmithTX
Instagram @marybethsmithTX

I cannot wait to see all your photos again this year! (Please use #GirlsWhoPrint)

Have a FABULOUS weekend!
😎🌴☮💜 mb


  1. ‏من اگه يه جايزه بين المللى ببرم مى رم اون بالا ميگم

    اين جايزه حاصل زحمت و تلاش خودم بوده و دهنم صاف شده تا گرفتمش به هيشكى هم تقديم نميكنم😑😑😂👈😂😁


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