The Annual GIRLIE Award

Like the Oscar. But More Girlie.

Girls Who Print, an international virtual sorority for women in the printing industry, is pleased to announce the fourth annual Girlie award, which will be presented to an outstanding member of the community during the annual National “Girls Who Print” Day luncheon on Tuesday, September 11.

Now celebrating its sixth year, National GWP Day is hosted in Print Media Centr’s Printerverse at Graph Expo. Print Media Centr principal Deborah Corn and GWP founder Mary Beth Smith began discussing a way to use the worldwide platform to raise awareness of the contribution of women in print.  Presenting an award seemed logical, so in keeping with the lighthearted nature of GWP,  the concept of the Girlie was born.

While we may not take ourselves too seriously, we DO take our members seriously. Among the criteria used in selecting the recipient are commitment to communications, strong leadership, a history of mentoring, an eye to the future, and a keen interest in supporting women within the industry.

2014 Girlie Award Winner - Pat McGrew of InfoTrends

2015 Girlie Award Winner - Cary Sherburne
of What They Think

2016 Girlie Award Winner - Deborah Corn
of Print Media Centr

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